AUDIOS expansions in May 2022:

  • Frequencyshifter, Ringmodulator, Phaseshifter (Stereo + Tandem-Modes)
  • Long Delaymode: 0…5000ms
  • Delaytimes controllable by Sequencer: jumping in timedomain
  • Playable Delaytimes: Flanging and Comb-Filters are playable on Keyboard!
  • Tap-Function for synced-delaytime
  • Portamento for Pitch-Transposer and Frequency-Shifter
  • Stereo-Reverb: adjustable decaytime and roomsize
  • One Knob EQ: userfriendly easy Lowcut+Highcut
  • Distortions: samplerate-divider, bassboost
  • Envelope, triggered by: Transient, Keyboard (duophone), Sequencer
  • ADSR adjustable by remote-controller, pre/post-reverb, inverted-mode
  • Fine-Adjustments for Pitchtransposing, Frequency-Shift and Delaytime
  • Breakoutboxes of 6 different Formfactors: Euro, Desk, 1HE …
  • Allowing connection of up to 4 external USB-Devices by using external Hub
  • Individual custom made expansions

AUDIOS expansions in May 2019:

  • The AUDIOS can now be connected to a wide range of controllers, allowing you to play samples pitch-transposed on your favourite keyboard / sequencer!
  • Additional pitch-transposing algorithm selectable by user.
  • Independent Delay + Transpose, e.g. for creating delay-arpeggios.
  • Time-Stretching is independent of pitch and (you may not believe it) works in realtime!
  • The USB-Host-interface of the AUDIOS supports state-of-the art Midi controllers and keyboards such as:
    – AKAI-LPK25 (exciting use of the arpeggiator)
    – Komplete-Kontrol-A25 by NI
    – Midi Fighter Twister by DJ Techtools for remote control functions
  • Additional MIDI-ports (DIN) for connecting classic MIDI-keyboards and DAWs.
  • Bringing AUDIOS features into the modular world (and vice versa!), via DB25 cable-connector for external breakout-boxes such as Cirklon, supporting 16x Gate-in, 4x CV-in, 2x CV-out, 2x Gate-out.
  • External Sequencers are able to interact with the AUDIOS e.g.:
    Arturia Beatstep
    Korg SQ-1
    vpme Euclidean Circles
    Doepfer Dark Time
    Roland 808
  • Now possible: overlaying the internal step-sequencer with external devices will create exciting new grooves!
  • Most of the internal AUDIOS functions can be controlled by external MIDI e.g.
    by CV / Gate, for example the preset keys ‚Delay, 1, 2, 3, 4‘, the switch ‚reverse sound‘, the knob ‚memory length‘.
  • Fast manual setting of the delay-time.
    50 microseconds to 800 milliseconds in fine resolution steps of 25 microseconds for precise control of combfiltering, phasing, flanging and timebased stereo panning.
  • Delay-time can be adapted to external MIDI-Clock or Gate-Trigger:
    1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 normal, dottet, triplet…
  • Individual settings of the transposition-ratio on the device:
    linear vs scaled (in semitone-steps).
  • Expanded sequencer-modes:
    forward, backward, random, 2,3,4 steps and more…
  • Additional functions via external MIDI-CCs:
    fine control of pitch: 1 cent resolution
    fine control of delay: 25us resolution
    octave-switch for pitch-range: up to 5 octaves down
    mono-switch, difference-signal (side-signal): channel 1 minus channel 2
    special, exciting and „dirty-sounds“ in realtime.

We are open for new ideas and features of the AUDIOS,
contact us for additional requirements!

Klaus Fischer Sound Inventions

Klaus Fischer AUDIOS connected to MIDI devices
connecting external devices by MIDI, CV, GATE, TRIGGER, CLOCK …
Foto: © Klaus Fischer


Customized AUDIOS remote controller



AUDIOS + Breakout 1HE 19″ Rack, 6.3 / 3.5


Fotos: © Klaus Fischer