AUDIOS expansions in May 2019:

  • The AUDIOS can now be connected to a wide range of controllers, allowing you to play samples pitch-transposed on your favourite keyboard / sequencer!
  • Additional pitch-transposing algorithm selectable by user.
  • Independent Delay + Transpose, e.g. for creating delay-arpeggios.
  • Time-Stretching is independent of pitch and (you may not believe it) works in realtime!
  • The USB-Host-interface of the AUDIOS supports state-of-the art Midi controllers and keyboards such as:
    – AKAI-LPK25 (exciting use of the arpeggiator)
    – Komplete-Kontrol-A25 by NI
    – Midi Fighter Twister by DJ Techtools for remote control functions
  • Additional MIDI-ports (DIN) for connecting classic MIDI-keyboards and DAWs.
  • Bringing AUDIOS features into the modular world (and vice versa!), via DB25 cable-connector for external breakout-boxes such as Cirklon, supporting 16x Gate-in, 4x CV-in, 2x CV-out, 2x Gate-out.
  • External Sequencers are able to interact with the AUDIOS e.g.:
    Arturia Beatstep
    Korg SQ-1
    vpme Euclidean Circles
    Doepfer Dark Time
    Roland 808
  • Now possible: overlaying the internal step-sequencer with external devices will create exciting new grooves!
  • Most of the internal AUDIOS functions can be controlled by external MIDI e.g.
    by CV / Gate, for example the preset keys ‘Delay, 1, 2, 3, 4’, the switch ‘reverse sound’, the knob ‘memory length’.
  • Fast manual setting of the delay-time.
    50 microseconds to 800 milliseconds in fine resolution steps of 25 microseconds for precise control of combfiltering, phasing, flanging and timebased stereo panning.
  • Delay-time can be adapted to external MIDI-Clock or Gate-Trigger:
    1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 normal, dottet, triplet…
  • Individual settings of the transposition-ratio on the device:
    linear vs scaled (in semitone-steps).
  • Expanded sequencer-modes:
    forward, backward, random, 2,3,4 steps and more…
  • Additional functions via external MIDI-CCs:
    fine control of pitch: 1 cent resolution
    fine control of delay: 25us resolution
    octave-switch for pitch-range: up to 5 octaves down
    mono-switch, difference-signal (side-signal): channel 1 minus channel 2
    special, exciting and „dirty-sounds“ in realtime.

We are open for new ideas and features of the AUDIOS,
contact us for additional requirements!

Klaus Fischer Sound Inventions

May 2019

Klaus Fischer AUDIOS connected to MIDI devices
Foto: © Klaus Fischer

Klaus Fischer AUDIOS connected to MIDI keyboard by USB
Foto: © Klaus Fischer

Klaus Fischer AUDIOS connected to modular breakout box and MIDI controller
Foto: © Klaus Fischer